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5 March 2010

Boards of Canada - 'Peel Session TX 21/07/1998' (Warp)

I'm going to save all of my hyperbole for when we get to Music Has the Right to Children; this Peel sessions EP is more of a teaser, presenting three songs from that album in slightly alternate versions. One side consists of 'Happy Cycling', the closing track on the album, which sets the eerie Dr. Who vibe that this whole EP carries. Of course, that classic BoC sound is here - obsessively calculated timbres, decaying atmospheres, and futurist nostalgia. 'Aquarius (' suggests spelunking, or at least exploring underground tunnels of some sort. There's something metallic around the edges and the vocal samples, of laughing children and random words, feel like a cheap IDM effect. I'm sure this will have the hardcore fans up in arms as 'Aquarius' is one of the more loved tunes, but the winner for me is 'Olson (version 3)' with it's warm keyboard shoulder shrugs and scratchy impulses. That all-too-familiar Boards of Canada beat doesn't crash in, leaving you wanting more. It's more of a feeling or a sketch than a full piece, but these guys are nothing if not impressionists, right?

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