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20 April 2010

Thomas Brinkmann - 'Gisela/Heidi' (Ernst)

As these go on, I swear they are getting less and less minimal -- or maybe I am just hearing things I never heard before, which is always a way to gauge a minimal product's success! 'Gisela' starts with a rather hip-hoppy vocal sample which pops up a few times as it goes along. This is a testament to partying down, good times, having fun, and shaking booty. There's more upper mids than the last 12" and it's a bit less special, less exotic. But no worries, cause this is one to just cut back and dance to. All proceeds according to plan, particularly across the sides with 'Heidi's first half, but the second half, my god, is a nervous, cluttered nightmare. Brinkmann likes to take it to the dark side now and then; here's another dense, anxiety-driven fever dream to close out the disc. It's effective theatre, yes, but I admit I was already wondering about the next one.

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