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21 April 2010

Thomas Brinkmann - 'Inge/Jutta' (Ernst)

I might call the first half of 'Inge' the LEAST minimal effort to date. Yeah, the beat is constant, but it shifts gears quite a lot, and is based around a thick, vampy synth organ. The accents are nice icing on this cake but the whole feel changes up a lot and it's hard to really lose yourself in the mindless repetitive thik-thik-thuk that the better tracks in this series achieve. Yeah, you know I'm flipping out every time I listen to this, bashing into walls and shaking my elbows at the mechano-motor. 'Inge's second half retains the artificial submarine seascape but with a more propulsive bass patch. It's also not immune to a few changeups, which if the sound sources weren't so barren and strange would probably feel extremely clichéd. 'Jutta' is practically triumphant, with an open-arms beat that starts to feel a little bit immature once the synthy drum fills start. But it's Brinkmann's stadium rock, I think. After all, he's the rockstar who's made a 12" side to prove he's banged the whole alphabet, right? The doot-doot-doot factor is high on 'Jutta' but that's the way it goes I guess. Please forgive these terrible images I stole from discogs.com out of lazyness; but I guess you get the idea pretty quickly.

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