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8 April 2009

10cc - 'How Dare You' (Mercury)

Source: not sure, but I think I got this for trade at Jerry's on 23 Aug 2003.

It's a demo copy, not a promo, according to the embossed gold stamp on the back cover of this (fab) gatefold cover, the inner spread of which was photographed by Hieronymous Bosch in the mid 1970's through a bizarre artist-in-resurrection program that 10cc led. Because 10cc are not just genius musicians, they are inventors.

After all, these Brits were in Hotlegs, who put out the brilliant Thinks: School Stinks LP in 1970, a masterpiece if there ever was one. Six years later, here's a set of mostly sunshine and breezes, made years later after the sweet taste of success. But 10cc aren't just the sound of wind - they are masters of the 'creeping breeze', which you can hear in 'Lazy Ways', 'I'm Mandy Fly Me', etc. Plenty of gobstoppers have recorded gentle breezes, but only a true apostle can make it creep - with just the right chord change or delicate shift, that breeze is up in your grill before you can fight it away, clinging to that surprise diminished 7th. I could live without the parts that sound like the Teletubbies' discussing an all-night Pac-man tournament, but again, those breezes, those breezes! Divorce-rock at its finest. Godley and Creme split after this one and made a triple LP concept album with Peter Cook featuring some primitive e-bow they built, sadly not in my collection.

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