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7 April 2009

10cc - 'The Original Soundtrack' (Mercury)

Source: can't remember for sure, but I think I got it off Ross for a couple of bucks on 24 Aug 2003.

Music for people who have funny, expensive lamps that they bought with passion masquerading as a strong sense of irony. It opens with a three part suite about Paris, stroking every stereotype Americans might have of it (but these guys are limeys!), with the most genuis bits being the vageuly-'Propaganda' choral harmonies. The radio hit is here but it's like your radio is wearing a pair of Ray-Bans that have been painted over with that fake stone-finish paint. When they turn on the amps it's almost Blue Öyster Cult, except if they let their high school band teacher join the band. 'Another fish head in the dustbin' is a great opening lyric for any record's side two. Who doesn't love the crunching repetition of ringing piano chords? And who doesn't love a slathering of Altrincham soul? The autoharp jam at the end of 'Flying Junk' is just too, too good. Also, great gatefold though I find the cover art hard to actually look at beyond the moired shot of the band angled across the inner crease. 'That's the way the croissant crumbles, after all.'

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