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9 April 2009

A R Kane - 'sixty-nine' (Rough Trade)

Source: Jerry's, sometime around 2000 or 2001.

Veer into the London acid-house/trip-hop scene for a bit. Or maybe just a tiny bit, cause I don't really know what A.R. Kane are. A bit of dub, a bit of Ash Ra Tempel, and a bit of whatever Seal is? I always thought it was weird that this trippy psychedelic dance band with all of these seriously artistic lyrics named their album 'sixty-nine' - I mean why not call it 'reacharound' or 'the admiral' or 'the tired totem pole'? But I get it, this is sex music -- dynamic sex music. Some tracks would be good for anonymous sex, and others for the kind of really sensual erotic experiences, like whatever Tim Robbins' character in High Fidelity is into. Cause these rhythms and drones just make me wanna light some candles, maybe change into a creepy robe, and just let things open up, baby. These dudes apparenty influenced Flying Saucer Attack, which is why I bought this about a decade ago, and I didn't hear it much at the time but now I do. But they sound like they influenced stuff like Long Fin Killie and Seefeel even more, and that's A-OK because I think that stuff is due for a revival.

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