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16 April 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams - 'Spiral: Live at Montreux 1978' (Arista)

Source: Got it from Ross on August 2, 2002 for a few dollars (I think).

This is a promo DJ copy of a record but I don't know how many radio stations play 20 minute long live solo piano tracks. Well, it was the 70s so what do I know? Muhal does the speedy tinkle tinkle, then a bit of the breathing space percussion stuff, plucking away at the stringboard of his piano. He rumbles and lurches and changes direction and the high ivories sound like glass frosting over. Back cover has a bit of prose about truth and infinite change manifesting itself, my favorite kinda of jazzcat glossolalia. Though I'm into his style (being an ex-pianist myself), I can't help but wonder if the audience of French-speaking Swiss were a bit bored at times.

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