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15 April 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams - 'Sightsong' (Black Saint)

Source: Not sure, but I think I got it from Ross for a couple of bucks in 2002, maybe around 2 August?

This album by the AACM founder and president isn't really a solo album, as its 'featuring Malachi Favors' and thank heavens for that because Favors is the real icing on the cake. While Abrams goes off on some shimmery runs, Favors thumps his bass (which sounds like it's been intonated by a drunk man). His solo sounds like a bowl of oatmeal that's been left in the sun to dry, hardened to the point where you have to really bang it with your spoon to break through. The dark curtains are the best bits here and the last track, "Unity" is the most explosive, but I think Abrams piano work benefits the most from some breathing. A lot of the pieces have this real satisfying ending, tinkling around like the "land of make-believe" trolley. You can hear the 80's breathing in the distance.

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