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19 April 2009

The Adverts - 'Crossing the Red Sea with' (Bright)

Source: Got it from Ross for a few bucks in January 2003.

'No Time to Be 21' somehow hit the charts hard, though it's not nearly as catchy as 'Bored Teenagers' or the cheating multichord 'One Chord Wonders'. The blueprint was set for a million suburban garage bands while the Jay Reatards to be, not even yet an embryo, would have their work cut out for them. The formula works, except when they drop to half-time and lay on weak semi-psychedelic solos ('On Wheels'). 'Bombsite Boys' is my pick, I think what people mean by a 'deep cut'; 'The Great British Mistake' (insert joke here) closes it out with a repetitive stompdown that ends before it even gets going.

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