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21 April 2009

Akita/Azuma/Haswell/Sakaibara - 'Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger' (Mego)

Source: I got this from Gil on 22 May 2003 as part of a complicated trade.

Played at 33rpm. In the years since this record was produced, the, er, innovative packaging has shrunk a bit and made it really difficult to get this record out of the sleeve without gripping the surface of the vinyl in a way that I was schooled to never do. But this is a record of aberrations anyway so a little finger oil can't make things worse. Despite four names being listed everyone is restrained enough so it actually could just be a duo. Side one has its share of squiggles and blips but Azuma's ascending theremin is behind everything to play anchorman. It's a bit like a pinata, with more pieces breaking off as it goes along and all kinds of surprises inside. Tetsuo Sakaibara is rocking the jews harp though I'm not sure where to hear it. Gotta love the credits: Masami Akita on DD1100 and "Devices"; Russell Haswell on SU 10 and "stuff". Quite a lot of the records in my collection are made of nothing but Devices and stuff but this one is wise enough to accentuate them with DD1100 and SU 10. Side two fires it up again (with more gurgling sounds) but these shorter tracks all end in (silent) locked grooves, so it's like you're still hitting the pinata from side 1, but every time you smack it you feel the pinata stick hitting you in the back of the head. It's really Azuma who rules this thing but maybe I'm just saying that cause he's the only one who I can pick out. This record does manage to tick both the "sounds like a Mego release" and "sounds like a Merzbow release" boxes, while being quite distinct on its own.

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